Testing Sessions

Central Iowa Testing Opportunities

Note: Due to COVID-19, many testing sessions have been cancelled.
Call or email the Contact for any session to find out if it is being held or not.

Exam Candidates are REQUIRED to register in the FCC CORES system and receive a Federal Registration Number (FRN) before exam day. Bring the FRN with you on exam day. The FCC CORES User Account and Registration page is https://apps.fcc.gov/cores


2021 Dates: (none planned as of 20 APR 2021)
Time: 3:00 PM
Location: Room 1226 Howe Hall, Iowa State University campus
Address: 537 Bissell Road, Ames, IA 50011
Contact: Matthew Nelson, KB0MGQ, 515-984-0010
Email: (his call sign)@gmail.com


2021 Dates: Saturday, Feb 13, Apr 10, Jun 12, Aug 14, Oct 9, Dec 11
Time: 9:00 AM
Location: Boone Pioneer Center
Address: 1112 Story street, Boone, IA
Talk-In: 146.850
Contact: Steve Huffman, N0NEU, 515-432-4006
Email: (his call sign)@arrl.net


2021 Dates: Jan 17, Mar 21, May 16, Jul 18, Sep 19, Nov 21
Time: 11:00 AM (No walk-ins, Please call/email ahead to register)
Location: Johnstone Supply Company classroom
Address: 11000 Justin Drive, Urbandale, IA
Not Handicapped Accessible
Contact: Rick Allen, N0CFL, home = 515-795-2162 or cell = 515-451-4148
Email: (his call sign)@arrl.net


2021 Dates: Feb 6
Time: Check-in 10:00 AM (No walk-ins, Please call/email ahead to register)
Location: Marshalltown Public Library
Address: 105 W Boone St., Marshalltown, IA
Contact: Brian Krumm, N0MXK, 641-752-9658
Email: (his call sign)@arrl.net

Further Info

Other Iowa testing opportunities can be found on the ARRL Exam Sessions for Iowa page.